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Advantages for Running Charcoal Briquette Machine

What advantages you can enjoy by running charcoal briquette machine? At first, you do not need to add any additives, so coal briquettes are very pure. Then, the coal briquettes can be directly used without being dried by specialized dryers. Difficulty to press the coal powders mainly exists in the pressing effect and wear-resistant performance of double rollers.

Normally, raw materials can produce higher reactive force if being suppressed by doublr rollers. The strong force can make the double rollers be dislocated or separated from each other. If there is no effective measure, molding effect of coal briquettes will be very poor. At earlier days, we are more likely to use hydrated lime as adhesives for making coal briquettes.

While, these coal briquettes are easy to explode on drying bed and cake in shaft furnace. To realize the utilization value of coal briquettes, we have to produce the advanced charcoal briquetting machine. Textures and structure can decide the working performance. Zhongzhou technicians never stop the work to offer you the best products and services.

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