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Feedback on Zhongzhou Charcoal Briquette Machine

Technological development of charcoal briquette machine is indispensable from the theoretical basis. At present, the demand for charcoal briquetting machine is on increase. The area that charcoal briquette machine can be used is very wide. For some customers, they put forward some problems on our website. Today i will explain several of them.

The first is that can i install a transformer inside? The inner space of charcoal briquetting machine is in limit. If you place a transformer inside, strong and weak electricity will coexist and signal of weak electricity will become weaker. What's more, the transformer can make the radiating burden heavier and may burn out the inner lines.

The second question is that can i use charcoal briquetting machine to process mineral powders? Yeah. Of course. The charcoal briquetting machine is just designed for all kinds of mineral powders like coal or steel. It can suppress these powders into briquettes. Compared with powders, briquettes are much easier for storage, transportation and application.

The third question is that how charcoal briquette machine work? This problem is related with the working principle. Here, i explain it simply. You or feeding machine put all kinds of mineral powders in hopper. Be at even. Then, by adjusting the switches on hopper, you can control the working speed of charcoal briquetting machine.

Through a series of processes, mineral powders are suppressed and coal briquettes are produced, finally discharged out. Leave your project infos on our website to get price!


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