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Things That You Should Know About Coal Briquettes

Does your plant have the shaft furnace? Whether you use the coal briquettes for heating shaft furnace? At present, coal briquettes are more and more used for shaft furnaces. Everything real is rational. To develop technologies, we need to add scientific and advanced technology on the approved processes and make them more and more be used and praised.

Coal briquettes, as one blast furnace burden, are more and more used nowadays. As the finished products of charcoal briquetting machine, coal briquettes enjoy the features of high level, strong strength and even size. If you mix the acidic briquettes with high basicity sinter together and use them as blast furnace burdens, the production of minerals like steel will increase a lot.

Along with the daily development of ironmaking technology, utilization coefficient of blast furnace continuously rises and demands for acidic coal briquettes become higher and higher. Compared with the quality of coal briquettes at abroad, it is much poorer at home. We have to admit this difference. The key is to improve the quality with what kinds of measures as long as they are good.

Bentonite, which is now used as adhesives for work of charcoal briquettes making machine, is widely used for industries like chemical engineering, chemical, metallurgy, geology and medicine. Zhongzhou technicians suggest you to add some bentonite during the working process of charcoal briquetting machine. The coal briquettes produced under this way are not easy to cake when being fed into the shaft furnace.

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