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Loading and delivering coal briquette machine production line in June

There was a Chinese customer from Hubei sign a contract with our company about purchasing 20T/H coal briquette production machines on April 11, 2017, this production line include coal briquette machine ZZXM-20, rolling mxing machine, hopper silos for loading coal powder, turning dryer, belt conveyors, and other accessory machines etc. In coal briquettes process, it need blend water, binder with raw coal evenly, so rolling mixing machine can complete this project, setting two rolling mxing machine to keep production continously, they work one by one.
This coal briquette machine ZZXM-20 press coal briquettes 20ton per hour, this coal briquette machine has four rollers double pressure, hydraulic system, 65Mn rollers, the final briquette is very hard, rollers of coal briquette machine adpots taper assemly, this technology make user replace rollers easily, save user's time, save labor, it's one of our patents, coal briquette machine also named coal briquetting machine, coal ball press, briquette press, briquette making machine, it also apply to manganese, coke, iron concentrate, lead concentrate, silicon, steel sluge, magnesite, limestone etc materials.Through pressing by briquette machine/briquetting machine, the coal briquettes is about 8-12% moisture, using turning dryer to make them 3% water content, and then coal briquettes can be directly packaged for saling. For the turning dryer, it is a new type of mesh belt dryer, there are severals layers of mesh belt, hot air in dryer body, then coal briquettes is dried, this dryer can dry coal briquettes 10-60T/H. After a month's effort, Zhongzhou coal briquette machine was completed, including all other machines, be iinspected by customer, take a running test at factory, customer is saitisfied with goods, allow us to prepare for delivery machines. Zhongzhou briquette machinery always produce quality machine for customers, provide technical supports when user installs and operates coal briquette machine, mesh belt dryer, rolling mixers, belt conveyor etc. Zhongzhou briquette machinery will cooperate with customer forever, do best serives!


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