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The Characteristics of Finished Products of Coal Briquetting Machine

 The biggest advantage of the pulverized coal briquetting machine is to press the pulverized coals into briquette coals with certain moldings, which have the following advantages during the burning process:

Coal Briquetting Machine

1. Because of the even size, there are gaps of the briquette coals when burning, which also lead to the uniform bed resistance in the gas furnace. This can improve the strength of airflow and help the full burning of the briquette coals.
2. The porosity of briquette coals is higher than that of lump coal, so it can increase the contact area of briquette coals and steam, thus to improve the intensity of gasification eventually.
3. In the process of gasification, the briquette coal is good into slag and there is low carbon content in the slag. Especially when the gasifier uses special furnace to calculate and in the case of stable operation, the carbon content in the slag will be lower than that in the gasification of the lump coal.
4. Due to the porosity of briquette coals is higher than that of lump coal, so it can reduce the excess coefficient of the air in the furnace and decrease the resistance of bed ventilation, which helps to improve the blowing intensity and gasification strength in the gas furnace.

Coal Briquetting Machine
5. The general corporate will choose the cheap local pulverized coal and the binders with good performance to make briquette coals, which are used to replace the high cost of lump coal gasification. Thus there is good economic benefit of pulverized coal briquetting machine.
6. Another advantage is that the briquette coals made by the pulverized coal briquetting machine is convenient to transport, thus there will be no waste of coal resources in the course of transportation.
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