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How can I get price of briquette machine?

After view web of Zhongzhou machinery, you found the idea briquette machine and get to know about its working principle, so you must want to price of briquette machine, right? Here, Zhongzhou told you how to get the price of model briquette machine.
When you consult us price, it's better notify us your raw materials, capacity, size of briquettes, shape of briquettes.
1. The different raw materials need be matched different materials rollers, the soft raw materials such as coal, charcoal, desulphurization gypsum, carbon black, lime, coke, these materials are small density, not cause roller large degree of wear, it's enough to using 65Mn casting-steel; If your raw materials is metallurgical ore, such as manganese, iron dust, iron concentrates, ferrosilicon,aluminite, steel slag, convert dust, it must use 9Cr2 forging steel of roller, 9Cr2 steel is more wear three times than 65Mn steel,  it also is more expensive deservedly.
2. Due to special shape briquettes be processed with high difficultly, if you insist on it, the price will increase.
3. If you specify materials of briquette machine,for example: stainless steel, or special model of motor,  it will increase price

When we get information above, Zhongzhou machinery will offer you a proposal and quotation as your demand!


*Describe your buying requirements in detail

Please enter your demand such as Raw material type, Capacity, Feeding material size, briquettes' size and shape. Any other requirements and questions about the machines, you can also contact online or leave a message, we will offer you a perfect proposal!

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