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delivery ZZXM-10 briquette machine to UK

On 31st March, and 1st April 2017, ZHONGZHOU machinery deliveryed briquette machine and vertical dryer to United Kingdom. We started to dicusss business with British customer since in December 2016, this customer have materials of dust, they required to produce briquettes 10TON per Hour, and also dry briquettes in the end, so we offered a proposal which include briquette machine ZZXM-10, vertical dryer ZZLG2600Y and three sets 10m conveyor, one set 24 meters of belt conveyor. ZZXM-10 model produce briquettes 10T/H, it is the structure of four rollers double pressure, also has hydraulic system, this technology of machine make pressing briquettes more hard, British customer also hope and required us to provide operation plate of briquette machine, steps and hand rails on machines. So this ordered is customzied, we design a operation plate , steps and hand rails on briquette machine, conveyors and vertical dryer. This is records of deliverying goods:


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