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How to judge the professional manufacturer of briquette machine?

First of all,  the one professional briquette machinery manufacturer must be only produce briquette machine and the only equipment of briquettes production line, they never produce other kind machine which nothing to do with briquette machine, if the supplier produce various and different kind machines, such as stone crusher, ball mill, vibrate screen, sand making, cement making, and biomass pellet machine, they are all not professional briquette machine manufacturers, mostly they are the trading companies, or the small dealers, and also the no strength of manufacturers.
Second, no matter how beautiful  their web looks, no matter how professional  their web looks, don't easily trust them, it very necessary for user to inspect their profession, their capacity, their strength, their history, their transaction record,their real products. Anyway, there is a method to dingsguish if they are professional manufacturer from web:1. look if showing the real factory on the web, real photo. If their  factory look like the same with the photos showed when you visit them. 2. If the photos of all briquettes machine looks the same color, looks the one series, look like the same appearance. if those machines which showing on their web look different, various color, various apperance, you can sure that is not the professinal manufacturer, that company steals photos from others, he hasn't own briquette machine. 3. some companies show the briquette machine on their web, but when you visit them, they will bring you to other company which produce briquette machine, they told you that is their factory, actually, that is another name factory, don't  cooperate with these companies like this, because they don't know much about briquette machine, they don't care about any quality of machine, even the after-service. User would be lost a lot after chose the un-professional supplier.
Zhengzhou Zhongzhou Briquette Machinery Plant found in 1993, have dealt with manufacturing briquette machine all the same, we accept users inspect, no matter the histroy of company, quality of goods, and the technology knowledge at any time!


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